Hey There

My name's not really Darcy. My wife blogs at Modern Mrs Darcy and I work behind the scenes for her. So when people on the interwebs heard that, they took to calling me Mr Darcy. And I kind of like it.

Once I began working on her blog I started looking for more opportunities to do blog design, coaching, and editorial management.

Whether you have a blog or are looking to start one I'd love to hear from you and help out however I can. My portfolio is below as well as a list of services, but if you just have a question and don't really need someone's "services" hit me up on Twitter and I'll see what I can do.

Learn More About Me

Who’s Mr. Darcy?

Will Bogel

So my real name is Will Bogel. I don't blog myself, but I admire those who do because I don't know that I could hack it day in and day out. But I love the inner workings of blogging and understanding the technical and business aspects.

So that's what I'm doing here--offering a behind the scenes, dispassionate look at your blog. There are plenty of things that you've become "shop blind" to and then there are those things that you simply hang onto because you're so emotionally tied to them. I try to help you sort all of that out and create the best reading experience for your audience. But the material, well I leave that up to you.

When I'm not editing or designing for Modern Mrs Darcy and my clients, I make coffee, read non-fiction (exclusively to my wife's chagrin), Crossfit, and train my own young entrepreneurs (kids).

Here’s What I Do


Blog Design for The Legacy Conference
Old Page for Legacy Conference
Blog Design Geeky and Sassy
Blog Design for Soak Up the Sun


Customized Blog Design

Make your blog beautiful. Get a customized blog designed.

Editorial Management

Contact for Pricing
Like a magazine editor, I help you determine content priorities, scheduling, plan strategies for growth.

Blog Migration

Let's get you switched over to WordPress and free you up to take your blogging even further.

One-Time Consult

Need a hand? Someone to bounce ideas off of? We can Skype, Gchat, however you want to meet up.

Kindle Ebook Formatting

Allow me to create a document that reads well on the Kindle regardless of your content and formatting choices.

How Can I Help?

Best way to get in touch with me is on Twitter. Simple questions I'l try and answer there. Anything more complicated I'd be glad to DM you my email address.